Key Insight into Todd Richter: His Willingness to Contribute When Possible

Todd Richter

Most people who know Todd B. Richter know him best as the managing director of Bank of America’s global healthcare investment group. There, he serves as the leader of that group’s efforts to develop programs to make sure one of the world’s largest banks follows along with many of the most important and notable financial strategies and trends. For years before he assumed his current position with Bank of America, he served as the leader of their Healthcare research group, as well as a senior research analyst in the areas of health insurance and managed care, as well as a large number of major healthcare providers and distributors.

Todd Richter has been with Bank of America for more than two decades, since 1999, but even before then, he was a key analyst with Morgan Stanley for an additional 18 years. There, he was a director of that company’s research into healthcare equity services, including those that covered every conceivable subsection of the healthcare industry.

Of course, as is almost always the case for all highly-skilled financial specialists, Todd Richter has a lot of education in his background; enough that usually makes his employer and the clients who depend on his knowledge to make them more efficient and/or profitable, very comfortable with their choice to rely on him. Todd Richter started his educational journey by earning his undergraduate degree in 1979 from the College of William and Mary. These days, he serves as a member if the Dean’s Council for the Kelley School and he also plays a critical role in the New York City chapter of the Kelley School Alumni Association. In addition, he is a member of the Arbutus Society of the Indiana University. Todd also has been honored as an “All-American Analyst” 17 times and as an “All-Star Analyst numerous times, which is handed out by the Wall Street Journal. Therefore, Todd B. Richter has a great reputation to live up to.