William & Mary Grad Todd Richter

Todd Richter

In the mid 1970s, Todd Richter attended the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. He graduated in 1979. And although it’s been more than 30 years since that time, Richter remains as connected to his undergraduate alma mater as ever.

Richter attributes his strong love and appreciation for William & Mary — a commitment that has lasted decades — to his time on the school’s golf team. It was an experience that influenced his life in a very positive way. Under the tutelage of Coach Joe Agee, Richter was able to learn discipline and dedication. “Being successful in business requires you be an effective competitor,” said Richter, noting that his competitive edge in life and work grew from the golf team and Coach Agee’s leadership. Continued Richter, “Being able to focus under pressure, or, as Coach Agee used to tell us, to ‘set your priorities,’ is key. Athletics helps you hone your competitive instincts beyond just the intellectual experiences you get in the classroom.”

Gracious for these experiences and lessons, Todd Richter has annually returned to the William & Mary campus and the golf team, sharing his knowledge and engaging with students. Recently, he amplified his connection to the college even further by presenting a $5 million estate commitment — a contribution that will allow the men’s and women’s golf teams to grow.